Hi, my name is Samuel Boehme
and I'm a Webdesigner.



All starts with pen and paper. I think about the design before I even start visuals.


I go straight from sketches to high fidelity designs. I work in a couple mockups with interactive prototypes.


For my webprojects, I take my mockups to the browser. My websites are responsive and retina-ready.

I create the Web



This Year I was contacted by Beate Boehme to create a website for her buisness. We had a lot of meetings to speak about the design and what was good and what I should improve to create the perfect website for her company . The results of the meetings were a colorful website with a clear design which is easy to use. At the end of our work she said that she loves her Website and its the perfect Website for supporting her buisness.
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Samuel Boehme

Contact me and we can create some awesome things together


+49 157 79261279